Destination Unknown

Llion Roberts

Producer / Director of Cinematography, Interviews and Locations

Llion interviewed the testimonies of the Holocaust Survivors featured in 'Destination Unknown' over a thirteen year period (2003 -2016) He also directed the film from the Principal Photography stage to post-production. Work within the same period includes live transmission output for mainstream Television, including ITV, BBC Network, Channel 4, S4C, Sky Box-Office, ESPN, CNN and UK regional channels. Co-Pioneered Digital Satellite Newsgathering during the early nineties, with Gigatel co-director, Rob Law.

Dr Stephen D. Smith

Executive Producer of 'Destination Unknown'

Dr Stephen D. Smith is the sole Executive Producer of 'Destination Unknown' and Director of the USC Shoah Foundation and an influential fundraiser for the USC Shoah foundation. He is committed to making the testimony of survivors of the Holocaust and of other crimes against humanity a compelling voice for education and action. A theologian by training, Stephen founded the UK Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire, England and cofounded the Aegis Trust for the prevention of crimes against humanity and genocide.

Mark Hersly

Line Producer - USA

Mark Hersly is the son of a Holocaust Survivor (Sam Hersly) who was incarcerated in the infamous 'Block 11' at Auschwitz Concentration camp. From a chance encounter with Mark in 2002, the Producer developed a friendship and working relationship with Mark. Mark's influence in gathering the testimonies of the Survivors for the Film cannot be underestimated. Without Mark's influence in this community, many of the testimonies that were made available for the Film, would not have been recorded for 'Destination Unknown' Mark proved to be an essential catalyst to an original concept.

Andrew Skeet


Andrew Skeet is a composer for television & film and studied composition and piano at The Royal College of Music and has subsequently written more than 60 scores for television and worked with many pop artists including Sinead O’Connor, Imogen Heap, Suede, UNKLE & George Michael. He joined Neil Hannon’sThe Divine Comedyin 2004 and has recorded and toured three albums with them.


Malcolm Owen


Malcolm Owen has been working for the BBC as a Cameraman and Editor for over twenty five years. Malcolm first became assistant editor for the BBC in 1992. The bulk of his work involves covering a wide range of topics for BBC's News and Current affairs programmes for both regional and Network output. Malcolm joined the production from the onset in 2003 as a member of the original 'Destination Unknown' team and captured many of the testimonies and the actualities at the Mauthausen, Bełżec, Treblinka,  Płaszów and Auschwitz-Birkenau Forced Labour / Extermination Camps.  


Rob Law is a director of Gigatel, who produced and provided the main funding for 'Destination Unknown'. Rob was heavily involved in the project during its inception way back in 2003 and has provided huge support for the project over the past thirteen years. Rob's experience and main activities are in the Outside broadcast industry, with thousands of live events under his belt, ranging from News, Sports and Political broadcasts, many of which he has managed in their entirety with distinction.


Alastair Sirkett

Sound Designer

Alastair Sirkett is an award winning sound editor and designer who has worked in the British film industry for 20 years on such projects as Mamma Mia, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Les Miserables and the soon to be released remake of Swallows and Amazons. As a member of BAFTA he is always looking out for interesting projects to be involved with.

Darren Karger

Line Producer

Darren has been heavily involved in many of the Theatrical screenings of 'Destination Unknown, both in the US and all of the European events. Without his support, many of the European screenings would not have been possible. Darren also assisted the Producer to access  many of the US based survivors dating back to 2003.


Rhys Williams


An Award Winning Cameraman, Rhys has worked in the television industry for over twenty eight years. A Graduate from Normal College Bangor, Rhys started his career as a Film and ENG Editor with ITV in Mold. His credits include the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Darfur/Sudan crises, Albania/Kosovo crises, 'Action Aid' in Somalia, 'Chernobyl Legacy' and various Hostile Environment documentaries for BBC, NBC,ITV, Channel 4 and Unicef. Rhys joined the production from 2004 as a member of the original 'Destination Unknown' team and captured many of the testimonies and the actualities at the Bełżec, Płaszów and Auschwitz-Birkenau Forced Labour / Extermination Camps.